top small business apps

Are You a Small Enterprise with Big Aims? Here are 50 Web-based Small Business Apps that will Help You Achieve Them!

Biz Tech Rave's Top 50 Online Apps for Small Business With the dawn of the new age, the formation of the entire business arena is shifting and new trends are emerging. Thousands of new SMEs (small...
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google infographic

Google: Behind the Numbers (Infographic)

Infographic: Google overview in numbers As a business entity, Google is generating some interesting numbers. The huge and churning search engine is continuously giving and receiving its share of digital...
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cloud computing for business

Is Your Business Ready for The Cloud?

Business owners: Are you ready to go cloud? While cloud computing is the buzz in the IT world today and businesses are increasingly being encouraged to embrace the cloud the one thing that business...
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software license agreement

Understanding the Basics of a Software Licence Agreement

Software licence agreement 101 Whether you are using software personal use or as an organisation in a business setting, you are bound by the relevant software licence agreement. Whilst both individuals...
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small business app infographic

Small Business App Trends (Infographic)

Infographic: What's app? The small business app ecosystem Small business apps can help your small business to run like a well-oiled machine. Particularly web apps – including cloud apps,...
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linux business apps

5 Business Apps for Linux You should Check Out

5 recommended business apps for Linux The business world is dominated by Windows when it comes to operating systems, and it’s easy to see why: the OS is easy to use, has a nice interface and...
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digital payment systems

5 Digital Payment Systems that can Help Your Business

Some of the best digital payment systems A business needs to be able to send and receive money by definition, and in today’s fast moving world, it’s pretty hard to get by with the old methods...
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cloud computing for business

Cloud Computing – The Key to Business Success

Adopting the cloud can offer your business the competitive edge Cloud computing has opened up several avenues for business enterprises to conduct and carry out their operations. Not only has it helped...
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web app development tips

Web App Development Specifications Save Time and Money

Web app development specs can save you and your clients time and money When searching for a web development company to complete a project, it is ill-advised to assume that all developers use the same...
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smartphones for business

5 Smartphones that are Perfect for Business Users

5 recommended smartphones for business purposes - image: The smartphones market is literally booming with devices – there are so many of them it’s hard to keep count even...
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