What’s Involved In SAP Implementation?

SAP AG headquarters, Germany - Image: amadeusm / Wikimedia SAP consulting services started out in Germany when Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing began operations in 1972. SAP was...
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reseller web hosting

Making Money With Reseller Web Hosting

How to start a web hosting business with reseller web hosting A reseller hosting plan is a hosting solution wherein you have the choice of reselling the resources assigned to your hosting account to...
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How Can Technology Soften The Blow of Local Government Cut Backs

Local authorities across the UK are having to deal with reduced budgets as part of the Coalition Government’s moves to cut the public deficit. This means that they are being asked to do more...
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hp cuts jobs

HP will Cut 27,000 Jobs to Save $3.5 Billion a Year

HP will cut 27,000 jobs to cut operational costs The rapid advances in mobile technology is not always a good thing; just ask HP’s employees. According to BBC News, HP – allegedly the world’s...
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cloud apps for business

Infographic: Cloud-based Applications for Business

Recommended cloud apps for your business' growth The number of small business applications is growing exponentially – thanks to cloud computing. Today, small businesses can have access to...
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voip phone system

IP Telephony Digital Talk for Businesses

VoIP for business Research into the industry has shown that the popularity of IP telephony, which is also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is growing fast. VoIP is becoming more important...
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wavii review

So What is this Wavii?

What is Wavii? If, like hundreds of millions of other people around the world, you have a Facebook account, then you will be familiar with the concept of the news feed, where your friends’ activities...
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business travel apps

Top Business Travel Apps

Image: ntr23 / Flickr With 3 million iPads being sold in 72 hours, it is undeniable that more and more people are discovering the benefits of this stunning piece of technology. Many iPad users are...
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cyber attack infographic

Privilege: A Cyber Attacker’s Sweet Spot (Infographic)

How to slow down cyber attacks? One of cyber attackers’ “sweet spot” is privilege. Mis-managing privileged access can cause future problems – devastating ones. Gaining access...
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business evens for 2012

6 Business Events to Visit in 2012

6 business events you should attend this year All businesses, ranging from the sole proprietorship to the multinational, exist in a constant flux of evolution and change that requires them to stay...
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