data destruction

Erasing Your Hard Drive is Not as Simple as You Think

There are many reasons why you might want to erase your hard drive, such as donating it to a worthy cause or giving it to a friend. It may also be done when sending a computer in for repairs. Regardless...
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data loss prevention

Tips on How to Prevent Data Loss

How to prevent data loss and security breach Losing the data on your files can lead to all sorts of problems. You may have a lot of sensitive information stored on your computer which could cause problems...
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business intelligence software

Designing Dashboards For Your Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboards design tips As business intelligence computer systems mature, it has become an necessity to include corporate dashboards in BI technology. Having said that, business...
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communication apps

5 Free Communication Apps You Can’t Live Without

Recommended free communication apps for your business In the digital age, there’s nothing more important than communication. Why? Because everyone who knows what kind of technology you have knows...
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magento hosting

Magento Hosting Recommendations

Which Magento hosting? There has been a revolution in eCommerce over the past few years, due to both a massive rise in the use of open source software, and the virtual server space allowing businesses...
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stressed out

The Five Worst Mistakes an IT Manager Can Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Image by Sara. Nel / Flickr The world of IT management is very large. An IT team will oversee virtually all of the electronic communication within a company and, unfortunately, that means there is...
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BYOD: Time To Adjust Your Privacy Expectations

BYOD threatens your privacy? Members of staff who plan to use their tablets or Smartphones at work should be read to sign on what can be referred to as IT dotted line, which basically means giving...
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app icons

New Apps Available

App Store – Image by Cristiano Betta / Flickr The mobile phone industry is one of the few business sectors that can truly be said to be booming these days, in spite of the recession which is...
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data storage

The Success of Your Business Starts with Storage – Three Things to Consider

Ensuring the reliability of your data storage avoids your business from future disasters. Knowledge is power in business, and any professional will tell you that being without their vital data is perhaps...
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cloud computing benefits

How Small and Start-Up Businesses can Benefit from Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers flexibility for small business - and more Cloud computing is the next wave in business technology, but it’s still not quite mainstream. Many small business owners or start-up...
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