ebay business

How eBay Can Boost Your Finances

Image from Wikipedia eBay is an incredibly useful tool that has a huge range of benefits from helping you to track down obscure items to helping you to shop from home without having to trek outside...
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book publishing business

Use Technology To Start Your Own Business Writing And Publishing Books

Images by Maarten Takens Writing your own book is a great way to make some extra money. In the past you would have to practically beg a book publishing company to look at your final copy. There was...
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openid risks

Is OpenID a Good Idea? Exploring the Risks of Password Consolidation

The use of OpenID has become more widely used over the last few years. Basically, OpenID allows you to sign into multiple websites without having to create a new password for each one. Instead, one...
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pc monitoring

PC Monitoring, What is it All About?

PC monitoring apps and services are becoming increasingly popular as more techies, entrepreneurs, parents, and employers are discovering the benefits of being able to supervise and control computer...
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kindle publishing tips

If Your Design And Copy Are Weak, Your Kindle Book Will Fail Big Time

It’s not enough to slap some book together and throw it in the Kindle store. If you’re lucky your mom will buy it and maybe even your grandma, but it sure won’t make you rich in...
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olympics mobile capture

Olympic Games Reaches the Socially Mobile Audience in Astonishing Numbers

Image from CBC.ca Who knew, back when the Olympic games began in Greece, that one day there would be no limit to who and where viewers could be? The original naked athletes, with nothing but wreathes...
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android app marketing tips

How to Market an Android App

The best way to market a product will greatly depend on what that product is. It might sound obvious, but too many people will attempt to use the same marketing strategies to promote apps and websites...
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network switch

What Network Switches Do I Need For My Office

Network switches play a crucial role within office environments. Switches primarily work to route information and manage different layers of traffic and functions within a network. This network may...
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mobile app permission woes

Are You Giving too Much Information to Your Mobile Apps?

Using mobile apps for your business can help you to be more productive with your already limited time. However, despite all the benefits of mobile apps for your business, you should take privacy...
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