managed it service

Why to choose IT managed service providers?

Image by indigoprime / Flickr If it were any more obvious, we probably wouldn’t need to write this article. IT managed service providers offer you a clear advantage to traditional IT. If you...
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stumbling down

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make

Image by Vincepal / Flickr The world of business is not very forgiving when it comes to mistakes. Mistakes that you make are often very difficult to get out from under, and they can sometimes cast...
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website redesign

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Right Now

Think your website is perfect? Think again. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to user experience, load time and organization. Fix Navigation As your site’s focus and structure...
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small business technology

Technology That Every Small Business Must Invest In

Image by Phillie Casablanca / Flickr Small businesses often have an element of high risk attached to them. Sometimes, entrepreneurs with limited funds or budgets set them up. They work on extremely...
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billing app

The Restaurant Kiosk: A Marriage of Quality Dining and High Technology

Image by Phillie Casablanca The automated food displays that were popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s have made a comeback today. However, gone are the cold fluorescent light and the weird...
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lean startup tools

Lean Startup Tools and Services

Image by Clearly Ambiguous Running a lean startup and looking for apps and services that can help you achieve your business objectives? If so, you are in luck! We have found a great list of startup...
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project glass overview

Top Reasons Why Project Glass will Trounce Golden-i in the Near Future

Any technology enthusiast can vouch for the fact that not everything that gets displayed at consumer electronic shows will go into production. Most gadgets and devices that seem too good to be true...
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crm lessons

CRM Lessons From the Big Players

Image by Hayley Vallejo Cloud computing Bigger companies are increasingly turning to cloud computing for their CRM requirements, which means they save a lot of time and money in not having to replace...
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virtual reception

Retaining Customer Loyalty through Virtual Reception

When a customer calls your company to acquire information about a particular product or service, make sure that their queries are handled professionally and precisely. It is important to speak to...
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file sharing

Five Ways You Can Utilize File Sharing

You may have heard of the cloud in recent news, but you may not understand exactly what the cloud is. Storing your documents in the cloud, or on a file sharing site, gives you instant access to important...
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