safety tech

Using Technology to Make the Workplace Safer

photo credit: *Panopticon* via photopin cc Workplace safety is very important for each company to consider, and technology is making it increasingly easy to keep your employees safe. Unfortunately,...
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1990s web design

You Know Your Website Needs a Redesign when…

Whether you’re an amateur web designer planning your first site, or an experienced techie here to amuse yourself with web design fails, read on for our pick of the best ‘worst’ websites,...
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Six Tips for Getting More Yelp Reviews

As the likes Yelp continue to grow in popularity, the effect that bad reviews can have on a small business, continue to increase. Though there are many ways to protect yourself from bad reviews on...
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cloud services

Who Should be on the Cloud and Why

Image by Gary Hayes / Flickr If you’ve heard about cloud computing recently, you’re not alone. Many tech companies, from computer manufacturers to cell service providers, have been talking...
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server boards

Why Servers Matter to Marketing

Image by IntelFreePress / Flickr Marketing and technology have increasingly merged since the internet transformed the way products and services could be communicated, shared and purchased. Modern marketing...
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broken fences

The 4 Deadly Design Sins Of A Business Blog

Image by Mark Collition / Flickr Are you making a huge mistake? Are you ruining any chance of turning your business into a roaring success because you’re making one too many design flaws? Most...
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emergency plan

Developing Emergency Response Plans for Small Businesses

Image by kayaker1204 / Flickr Being a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of the employees working in your company. Disasters and emergencies like fire and earthquake can occur any moment...
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data storage server

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Data Loss

Image by bigpresh / Flickr Data loss has always been an unfortunate reality for many businesses. Whether it’s due to lax security, hardware failure or a natural disaster, you need to prepare...
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big data

Making Data Quality a Core Component of Business

Image by laverrue / Flickr With the emergent ability to store and analyze big data, many organizations are making data quality the sole responsibility of a single entity. This role of data governance...
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Do You Even Need a Smart Phone?

Image by clintonjeff / Flickr Everybody seems to have one nowadays, and it’s only natural to want to keep up with your colleagues and peers. But do you really need that expensive smart phone?...
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