Is your business vulnerable to cyber attack?

License: Creative Commons image source Cyber attack can create a massive damage to the companies and individuals operating on larger scale as well as those involved with small entities. A massive cyber...
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metadata mining

What Is Metadata Mining & Why Is Government Doing It?

Metadata is data about data. That is to say, metadata reflects macro trends that track the evolution of a massive data set. Not surprisingly, in this age of Big Data and data mining, there is a lot...
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Building a Web Presence for Your Business: a Checklist

License: Creative Commons image source Today even if you exist as a brick and mortar business, you need a web presence. Most customers today go to the internet when they need to find a supplier or...
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Pros and Cons of Choosing a Small Broadband ISP

License: Creative Commons image source Do you have a hard time choosing between a heavily advertised national brand and a small, independent ISP? Then consider the following pros and cons when deciding...
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5 Reasons Your Enterprise Can’t Survive On Free Software

For many businesses, especially in the start-up phase, it’s tempting to use free software as a way of avoiding costly license fees or locked-in contracts. There’s a lot of free software...
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CRM 101: Learn How It Can Benefit Your Business

License: Creative Commons image source Phrases you may hear uttered in the business world include “customer-centric operations” or “integrated business processes.” What does...
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