Combat Data Loss with Proper Data Recovery Plan

Even though your business may be performing smoothly now, that does not mean that it does not have the risk of losing data later. This is why a data recovery plan is needed. In fact, it is required....
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Shell project

Want Tech Skills? Try Shell Graduate Programme

John is an engineering student. Next year he will graduate, and he is currently considering his options. He is thinking about working for his dad’s company; he is also thinking about applying...
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Could CRM Make Your Business / Marketing More Effective?

Would you like to grow your business? Of course you would, but doing so isn’t always easy, the bigger your business gets the harder it is to keep track of your customers, your costs, your logistics...
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7 Indispensible Apps Small Businesses

Apps are omnipresent and all powerful. In fact, we are surrounded by apps and without stretching the truth; I can safely say that most entrepreneur start and end their day with apps. Even leading...
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Smartphones change the way you do business

The presence of smartphones has changed the way people live their lives. Inevitably, it has changed the way people do business. In this inforgraphic, you’ll see how much a smartphone can have...
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7 Tips When Selecting IT Infrastructure For Startups

Small companies that are just beginning to get off the ground need to be careful about how they approach IT. Too much money spent on an IT infrastructure can inhibit a company’s growth when they...
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Why Having A Data Recovery Plan Is Crucial For Small Businesses

Hardware failure, hackers, viruses and other disasters are the worse enemy of a business, whether large or small, and a recovery plan is absolutely essential for the survival of any business. Though...
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business expansion

How Small Business Owners can Embrace Technology for Business Expansion

As a small business owner of today, you should not become a technophobia.  Although tech is not a critical success factor for your small business, it’s definitely helping you to access new opportunities...
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Project Management Myths Busted (Infographic)

You might hear a lot of misconceptions about project managers today: they’re buried in paperwork, run constant lengthy team meetings, and so on. However, researches and stats prove different....
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Bank Trends for 2014

Want to know the direction where banks are heading this 2014? Here are some predictions. It seems that more and more banks will be adopting technologies like cloud to manage their data. But there will...
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