Infographic: Online Security and Small Business

online security for small business

How to protect your small business from online security threats?

The Internet – and any other technology advances related to it, such as cloud computing, e-commerce, mobile apps, and more – offers us many benefits that most of them are life-changing (e.g. the social media and cloud computing.) Unfortunately, just like any other good things in life, those benefits come with challenges. One of the most important challenges is online security issues, such as data breaches, network hacks, and many other security-related issues.

In the business world, oftentimes security threats are targeted to small and medium businesses (SMBs.) How so? The answer is: Lack of resources. To make matters worse, social media is also known as one of the major sources for data breaches; and yes, SMBs are using social media to boost their marketing efforts. Again, SMBs lack resources required to limit and track social media usage by their employees.

I have been recommended an interesting and useful infographic, created by MegaPath. The infographic visualizes the issues of online security for small business, as well as offering useful tips on how to secure small business data and hardware. Check it out:

Created by MegaPath

Via MegaPath blog

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  1. Great infographic, The pace at which people are getting connection is crazy. 400% and it’s wont slow down anytime soon. Internet is vital. So is security. As more and more people get connected, security has to be solid.