Smartphones change the way you do business

The presence of smartphones has changed the way people live their lives. Inevitably, it has changed the way people do business. In this inforgraphic, you’ll see how much a smartphone can have...
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Project Management Myths Busted (Infographic)

You might hear a lot of misconceptions about project managers today: they’re buried in paperwork, run constant lengthy team meetings, and so on. However, researches and stats prove different....
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Bank Trends for 2014

Want to know the direction where banks are heading this 2014? Here are some predictions. It seems that more and more banks will be adopting technologies like cloud to manage their data. But there will...
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Big Data Processing for Businesses

Having a big company means having to deal with huge data. As a company’s client base grows, their database also grows. So how do you deal with this? That’s quite simple. You deal with it...
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The Hyperconnected Life – An Infographic

With the birth of new technologies, it is not surprising that the new generation has now lived a ‘Hyperconnected Life’. This is where their life is highly dependent on technologies such...
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facebook mobile

Facebook Mobile Users Hit 500 Million Mark

Did you know that there are more users access Facebook via mobile devices than any other devices? That’s right – 54% of Facebook users are accessing Facebook from their mobile devices...
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branchout facebook job app

The Rise of BranchOut Facebook App

BranchOut claims to be the number one professional network on Facebook. The claim seems to be backed with concrete facts. Check this out: There are 25 million BranchOut users on Facebook and it lists...
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apps infographic

The Great App-splosion (Infographic)

Tablet devices and smart phones are hot gadgets today – for both personal and business users. For business IT, tablets and smart phones offer great opportunities, as well as challenges. Just...
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business mobile apps infographic

Mobile in the Enterprise (Infographic)

Mobile is a hot trend today. This is also true in the business world. Mobile technology has changed the way people do business and literally hack their life. What’s the current trend in mobile...
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pinterest infographic

Retailers: Why You should be on Pinterest (Infographic)

Digital pinboards are on the rise today – thanks to Pinterest. Indeed, it’s darn easy to share with everyone about what you think interesting. Rather than typing texts, pinning allows...
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