A Rundown of the New iPad

the new ipad

One of the most awaited dates for tech fans is the day when Apple announces another one of its gadgets that it adds to its family of Apple devices. March 7 2012 marked the unveiling of the new iPad and the new Apple TV. Despite the various new upgrades to its existing applications and iOS, most fans were awaiting the new iPad 3 or iPad HD. Apple surprised many of us with its naming of the third generation iPad. It is official and has been confirmed that the third generation iPad will be known as the new iPad.

For those wondering what the new iPad offers us, let’s see what the new additional features are:

  • 4X Better Resolution
  • New A5X Graphics Processor
  • 5MP iSight Camera
  • 1080P Video Recording
  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • Voice Dictation

The bulk of the features that were included in the new iPad have been listed above. In many ways, we were expecting these changes to come from Apple. However, one thing they surprised us with was the addition of voice dictation. After the launch of Siri in the iPhone 4S, we would have expected to see it on the new iPad. Instead, Apple has included Voice Dictation as a new feature in the iPad. Apart from this one new feature, the rumours and predictions were more or less on the right page.

A new A5X processor now feeds the three million pixels on the 9.7 inch screen with the help of retina display. The screen resolution on the new iPad is just mind blowing, as it boasts a whopping 2048 x 1536 pixels. Pictures and video frames on the iPad can now be shown at a maximum DPI of 264ppi. Apple recommends that you keep the new iPad fifteen inches away from your eye for optimal viewing experiences. So, how does this A5X processor help with graphics? This processor now runs on quad core, so the overall performance has been multiplied by four!

If we know one thing about Apple, it’s the fact that they never miss out on upgrading their camera on a new device. Whether it is the iPod or iPhone, we have always seen an upgrade on the camera quality. The new iPad has a new twist to its camera, as it includes a bunch of new optical features that will simply amaze you. A while back, Apple had a clip on camera that would go with the Mac computers known as iSight. This feature has been brought back to the iPad in the form of a 5MP iSight camera with auto face detection and IR filtering. Additionally, the video recording on the new iPad has been bumped up to 1080p with video stabilizing to avoid shakes.

If you love browsing with your iPad on the go, you would love the addition of the 4G LTE band. The new iPad is now fully compatible with the 4G LTE band and will allow you to streamline the network at 73MBps. If you’re aware, you would know that LTE is the fastest wireless network technology available now, and the new iPad is now it!

Pre-orders for the new iPad will begin today and with availability starting March 16 2012.


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