5 Great iPhone Apps that can Help you Manage your Business

iphone apps for business

The iPhone has firmly established itself as the top smartphone on the market and it doesn’t seem like that will change any time soon, especially with the next generation iPhone 5 coming up soon. Even though at first, it was only good as a consumer device for phone calls, messaging, Web surfing and entertainment, it soon became a universal tool to help with pretty much anything that could be done on a computer.

We’ve got the hundreds of thousands of apps on the iTunes market to thank for that, and today, the iPhone can be extremely useful for business people and professionals, as well. Time is of the utmost importance to busy people, and there are a lot of things that we do at the office or at home that could easily be accomplished on the go whenever when you have some spare time. With that in mind, here are just a few iPhone apps for professionals and business users that will undoubtedly help make life and work easier:

EverNote. EverNote is the number one iPhone app for taking notes, and it’s a must have for any professional or entrepreneur who needs to constantly jot down ideas, thoughts, bookmarks, notes and anything else for later review. You can easily manage your notes and filter them based on tags, time and date, description, category and a lot of other criteria. You can also sync all your data with a remote server and/or other devices running EverNote (it’s available for Android, Windows and Mac OS X, as well), so you’ll always have access to it no matter what.

AirSharing. AirSharing is a must have for anyone who has an iPhone/iPad and values their time. The app lets you easily transfer files to and from your iDevice, just like you would with a Flash drive, for example. You can also stream movies and music without having to actually copy the files, and access remote storage services like Google Docs, Dropbox, Box.net, or any SSH/FTP/WebDAV servers.

OmniFocus. OmniFocus is one of the best task and To Do list management apps for the iPhone, and it’s a must have if you want to be more productive everywhere you go. The app supports the GTD methodology, and it allows you to easily plan, edit and review your schedule, with advanced reminders, tags filters, context- and location-aware notifications and much more. The interface is also clean and powerful – you must check out OmniFocus before choosing a task management app for your iPhone.

Webex Meeting Center. Cisco’s official Webex Meeting Center app is a great way to communicate with other people around the world through a video chat conference. The app is easy to set up and it uses Cisco’s WebEx service to facilitate an easy collaboration between anyone – you can chat, send files, draw on a common whiteboard, share ideas and links and more, right on your iPhone – that’s the very definition of business freedom!

Skype. You probably know that Skype is one of the most popular Instant Messaging platforms in the world, but did you know that they have a lot of useful services for business users, as well? You can get an incoming and outgoing phone number that is accessible all over the world, you can make cheap VoIP calls and even conference with up to 5 other people, you can video chat in High Definition, receive messages, voice mail and files – all through the most secure encrypted channel possible. The Skype app for iPhone is a must have in anyone’s arsenal.

The iPhone is a great tool for anyone, from normal consumers who want a phone to place calls and send text messages to gamers who like to play great games and business users who want to be able to manage their time and money better. If you fit in the last category, be sure to check out the apps listed above – I’m sure you’ll find them useful.


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