How Far Does QuickBooks Hosting Resolve Remote Access Problems?

Hosting in the cloud is widely becoming a preferred option by the SMEs and individual accountants. Money matters are in fact complex and management of money related tasks like account receivables,...
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Are There Problems Hosting A Small Blog On The Cloud?

Cloud computing is a particularly hot topic today. Many website owners feel that it might be a good idea to migrate to the cloud. However, it may not be the best option for many bloggers. Here are...
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How to Maximise Data Storage Efficiency

Our data is growing exponentially. By 2015 an estimated total of 7.9ZB will be getting stored of which 2.37ZB will have been created by Enterprises but with a total of 6.32ZB of our data managed by...
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Asigra: What You Need To Know

Asigra is a word on everyone’s lips these days but what exactly is it? Well, essentially, Asigra is world class software developed for online backup that is supported by many companies offering...
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Lessons from Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Small Business for a Data Disaster

Disasters like the recent Superstorm Sandy demonstrate just how fragile our physical world can be. Just look at the business side of its aftermath: offices closed and inaccessible for days, if not...
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web hosting

Deciding Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Businesses today face many tough decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not dedicated hosting is a truly cost-effective decision for the way they do business. Times are tough in the world...
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the cloud

How The Cloud Changed Business In 2012

“The Cloud”, a term that was banded around with quick succession in both the marketing and IT world, had officially become the IT buzz world by the end of 2012. So what is cloud computing...
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microsoft sharepoint

Collaboration without the Headaches

Collaboration tools and resources seem to be all the rage these days in the modern business community. The only problem is that a great majority of businesses are doing it wrong. In fact, many are...
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cloud working

Finding Productivity in the Cloud

Depending on your company, productivity-boosting methods and tools may be a sensitive subject. In some cases, the idea of using the cloud to be a better, more efficient company can seem like a stretch....
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cloud services

Who Should be on the Cloud and Why

If you’ve heard about cloud computing recently, you’re not alone. Many tech companies, from computer manufacturers to cell service providers, have been talking about cloud computing. Unfortunately,...
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