How Far Does QuickBooks Hosting Resolve Remote Access Problems?

License: Creative Commons image source

License: Creative Commons image source

Hosting in the cloud is widely becoming a preferred option by the SMEs and individual accountants. Money matters are in fact complex and management of money related tasks like account receivables, account payables, payroll, billing and bank reconciliation becomes difficult without proper co-ordination of the activities performed by a team of financial professionals. QuickBooks is an accounting solution designed by Intuit while keeping the SMBs and newbie requirements in mind. This quick and easy software provides its users with a friendly interface and is the choice of almost every startup.

Where does the problem arise?

Accounting professionals piled up with tedious accounting tasks to be completed within a limited amount of time would find it difficult to work with the constraints of physical mobility. The ideology of remote access accounting is related to enhanced effectiveness, business productivity and technological expertise. QuickBooks hosting easy-to-use anytime, anyplace access to accounting functionality provisions extra time to lay emphasis on the management of day-to-day business operations. When an accounting environment grows larger and there are multiple users associated with a single accounting task, the need for unified multi-user access becomes a mandate.

Setting up remote access environment for QB usage

When installing QB in a local environment, there are two ways in which the multi-user environment can be set up. One way is to use a local computer as host. Setting some computer as host means that all the data files will be hosted on this computer and all computers within a certain range can be connected through LAN. This makes it possible for the users to work in a multi-user mode but care needs to be taken that the host computer needs to be switched on in order to use the files from other computers. The limitation with this environment is that it will be a multi-user arena within the enterprise or local area network connection.

The other method involves setting up of in-house servers that host the data and applications. This setup is a big business decision as it involves huge expenditure in terms of capital and operational expenses.  The expenses involved with this system make this setup appear unreasonable for the small and medium scale business enterprises.

QuickBooks hosting is a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their financial data and applications from anywhere round the globe through remote access to the hosting providers’ servers. With this service, the users have the flexibility to make their own choices and work from whichever location they desire. This means that various accountants can work on a particular company’s fiscal database at the same time. When you move your QuickBooks software to a hosted environment, different people could access and work with the very same data files from anywhere. You can reduce the cost and stress of having to manage and keep the software in-house.

Why remote access is a privilege with QuickBooks Hosting?

The traditional mode of communication between a client and accountant was driven by a download and upload string. The accountants would send in the updated QB data file to their clients so that they could get a clear view of the management of their finances. The use of hosting allows different users to access their data virtually from anywhere. All users can have their rights defined and they can access their files to check the details. Users can also chat with each other while both are online and they can discuss the financial entries in case they have to. So, one solution with hosted QB can solve a number of problems.

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