google apps for business

Top Google Apps for Business

Ever since Google introduced applications exclusively meant for businesses, along with its cloud based service, its popularity has been increasing by the day. There are a number of reasons why Google...
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5 Free, Cool Apps for the Business Owner

There are thousands of apps in the market today and sometimes it can be overwhelming just browsing through them. If you’re a business owner, we give you 5 cool apps that can help you with your...
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branchout facebook job app

The Rise of BranchOut Facebook App

BranchOut claims to be the number one professional network on Facebook. The claim seems to be backed with concrete facts. Check this out: There are 25 million BranchOut users on Facebook and it lists...
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crunch online accounting software

Free Crunch – the final piece of the puzzle

Bookkeeping is widely thought of to be one of the most off putting factor of taking the leap into starting your own business. All those figures to work out and numbers to crunch, plus the rather alarming...
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communication apps

5 Free Communication Apps You Can’t Live Without

In the digital age, there’s nothing more important than communication. Why? Because everyone who knows what kind of technology you have knows that you have no excuse not to be in communication...
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cloud apps for business

Infographic: Cloud-based Applications for Business

The number of small business applications is growing exponentially – thanks to cloud computing. Today, small businesses can have access to widely available small business apps, especially the...
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wavii review

So What is this Wavii?

If, like hundreds of millions of other people around the world, you have a Facebook account, then you will be familiar with the concept of the news feed, where your friends’ activities that...
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top small business apps

Are You a Small Enterprise with Big Aims? Here are 50 Web-based Small Business Apps that will Help You Achieve Them!

With the dawn of the new age, the formation of the entire business arena is shifting and new trends are emerging. Thousands of new SMEs (small and medium enterprises) have risen from the dust as people...
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digital payment systems

5 Digital Payment Systems that can Help Your Business

A business needs to be able to send and receive money by definition, and in today’s fast moving world, it’s pretty hard to get by with the old methods of payment, especially when you’re...
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top small business apps

Top 50 Online Apps for Small Business (Infographics)

There are so many small business applications available on the market today – too many, in fact, in such a way that they confuse small business owners and IT decision makers. Well, if you are...
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