How Far Does QuickBooks Hosting Resolve Remote Access Problems?

Hosting in the cloud is widely becoming a preferred option by the SMEs and individual accountants. Money matters are in fact complex and management of money related tasks like account receivables,...
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How to Maximise Data Storage Efficiency

Our data is growing exponentially. By 2015 an estimated total of 7.9ZB will be getting stored of which 2.37ZB will have been created by Enterprises but with a total of 6.32ZB of our data managed by...
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Lessons from Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Small Business for a Data Disaster

Disasters like the recent Superstorm Sandy demonstrate just how fragile our physical world can be. Just look at the business side of its aftermath: offices closed and inaccessible for days, if not...
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web hosting

Deciding Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

Businesses today face many tough decisions. One of those decisions is whether or not dedicated hosting is a truly cost-effective decision for the way they do business. Times are tough in the world...
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green hosting

Things to Look for in a Green Web Host

Green is getting everywhere. Whether it’s eco fashion, organic food, recycling or solar powered homes, going green is becoming big business. And why not because even if you’re a skeptic...
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small business hosting

Requirements for Small Business Hosting

Choosing the right hosting for your business can be tricky. Particularly when in some instances the options for choosing a package are more complex than the self assembly instructions for an IKEA...
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magento hosting

Magento Hosting Recommendations

There has been a revolution in eCommerce over the past few years, due to both a massive rise in the use of open source software, and the virtual server space allowing businesses to scale rapidly as...
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reseller web hosting

Making Money With Reseller Web Hosting

A reseller hosting plan is a hosting solution wherein you have the choice of reselling the resources assigned to your hosting account to third party clients. This means that with a reseller hosting...
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business web hosting tips

Small Business Website Hosting: A VPS hosting might not be for you

If you are a small business website owner, I understand that you’ve gone through this situation, especially if your website is a busy one. That’s right – your hosting provider says...
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colocation hosting tips

5 Reasons Why You should Choose Co-location Hosting for Your Business

Co-location hosting is pretty popular all over the world, and thousands of businesses use it every single day for their needs. It basically is the same thing as a dedicated server or a cloud, except...
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