Surveilance camera for security

Establishing the Right Security Plan for Your Industry

Having the right security plan in place is essential to long term business growth. There are a lot of companies that have had issues with their security in recent months. If you are looking for ways...
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Silk Road

Security Lessons From The Silk Road

Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the infamous and highly illicit Silk Road online marketplace, was sentenced on May 29th, 2015 to life in prison without parole. In what has become one of the most profound...
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Combat Data Loss with Proper Data Recovery Plan

Even though your business may be performing smoothly now, that does not mean that it does not have the risk of losing data later. This is why a data recovery plan is needed. In fact, it is required....
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Small Business Hacking Trends (Infographic)

Are you taking care your business’s security? Hacking is quite common than you think. And it is done randomly. This means that people will not hack your site just because they hate you. They...
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How To Respond To A Security Breach

In order to safeguard and preserve the integrity of a business, it is essential for organisations to take necessary precautions to keep their assets, personnel, data, networks and facilities safe from...
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The Business Owner’s Security Checklist

Securing your business is about more than simply putting a lock on the door. The consequence of a break in can be little short of disastrous, with financial loss, a damaged reputation, and reduced...
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The Development Of Virtualization Security

The threats are rising. Organizations are panicking. People are losing all trust in virtualization capabilities. Okay, so these might be an exaggeration, however, the truth remains that our virtual...
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Lessons from Hurricane Season: Prepare Your Small Business for a Data Disaster

Disasters like the recent Superstorm Sandy demonstrate just how fragile our physical world can be. Just look at the business side of its aftermath: offices closed and inaccessible for days, if not...
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safety tech

Using Technology to Make the Workplace Safer

Workplace safety is very important for each company to consider, and technology is making it increasingly easy to keep your employees safe. Unfortunately, if you do not take the proper steps to keep...
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data storage server

5 Ways to Protect Your Business from Data Loss

Data loss has always been an unfortunate reality for many businesses. Whether it’s due to lax security, hardware failure or a natural disaster, you need to prepare yourself and your company...
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