Young people taking selfie

We Are a Generation of Mobile Phone Junkies, and we are Breeding Even More

By now, we’ve all grown accustomed to – even complacent about – the predominant role our mobile devices play in our daily lives. We’re no longer appalled by the now-clichéd image of a group...
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Is your business vulnerable to cyber attack?

Cyber attack can create a massive damage to the companies and individuals operating on larger scale as well as those involved with small entities. A massive cyber attack can also affect the company’s...
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metadata mining

What Is Metadata Mining & Why Is Government Doing It?

Metadata is data about data. That is to say, metadata reflects macro trends that track the evolution of a massive data set. Not surprisingly, in this age of Big Data and data mining, there is a lot...
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project glass overview

Top Reasons Why Project Glass will Trounce Golden-i in the Near Future

Any technology enthusiast can vouch for the fact that not everything that gets displayed at consumer electronic shows will go into production. Most gadgets and devices that seem too good to be true...
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openid risks

Is OpenID a Good Idea? Exploring the Risks of Password Consolidation

The use of OpenID has become more widely used over the last few years. Basically, OpenID allows you to sign into multiple websites without having to create a new password for each one. Instead, one...
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olympics mobile capture

Olympic Games Reaches the Socially Mobile Audience in Astonishing Numbers

Who knew, back when the Olympic games began in Greece, that one day there would be no limit to who and where viewers could be? The original naked athletes, with nothing but wreathes for their heads,...
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women in ecommerce

How Women Are Driving Ecommerce Forward

There is a saying that loosely goes: if you want something done right, ask a woman. Well, ecommerce must have called upon the fairer gender because the response has been excellent. According to recent...
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hp cuts jobs

HP will Cut 27,000 Jobs to Save $3.5 Billion a Year

The rapid advances in mobile technology is not always a good thing; just ask HP’s employees. According to BBC News, HP – allegedly the world’s largest PC maker – is reportedly...
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