Key to success

What Do You Need To Start Your Own Business?

To start a business successfully, you will need to undertake careful research, make savvy investments and devise a business idea that works, to name just a few of the essentials. Below are some more...
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Augmented reality (AR)

The Struggles of New Technology

Technologies mass reach has had a large effect on the workforce. Computers, smartphones and other electronics have become required equipment for most small businesses. The older generations, that...
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The Frugal Traveler

The prospect of traveling the world on a budget is such a hot topic these days. Every person with the desire to visit a new place and experience a new culture is also looking at how they can do so...
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Tesla Model S

7 Tech Innovations Likely To Be Seen In Future Commercial Vehicles

The future face of commercial vehicle technology Millions of successful businesses across Britain rely on their commercial vehicle fleets. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products,...
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LEGO thief

Never Underestimate Thieves: 3 Ridiculous Things That Are Commonly Stolen

Thieves Are Always A Threat One of the biggest things that companies and businesses worry about are thieves. Companies fear a common thief walking in from the street with a gun in their hand or a...
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Embracing technology

How Tech is Giving your Company’s Productivity a Boost

Running a successful business without technology is almost unthinkable these days, but it hasn’t always been this way. Even just a few decades ago, technology was nowhere to be seen in many company...
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Shell project

Want Tech Skills? Try Shell Graduate Programme

John is an engineering student. Next year he will graduate, and he is currently considering his options. He is thinking about working for his dad’s company; he is also thinking about applying...
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business expansion

How Small Business Owners can Embrace Technology for Business Expansion

As a small business owner of today, you should not become a technophobia.  Although tech is not a critical success factor for your small business, it’s definitely helping you to access new opportunities...
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Project Management Superpower: Infographic

Do you know your employees well enough to use their power to your benefit? Every employee has a superpower that you can harness. It is just a matter of knowing how. In this infographic, you’ll...
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Cloud Computing’s Impact On In-Car Software

The demand for more sophisticated types of vehicle software has led to many companies switching to the cloud to keep up with the development needs of in-car computer systems. The features, functions...
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