Making Money With Reseller Web Hosting

reseller web hosting

How to start a web hosting business with reseller web hosting

A reseller hosting plan is a hosting solution wherein you have the choice of reselling the resources assigned to your hosting account to third party clients. This means that with a reseller hosting account you have the option of offering web hosting services to other people without even having to set up a hosting company. What this means is that by using a reseller hosting account you can very easily set up your own hosting company without making any kind of investment and earn a lot of money reselling the resources that you have leased from a large hosting companies.

The advantage of setting up a hosting company in this manner is that you do not have to invest your hard earned money in setting up data centers or hire a huge support staff that is required to run such a data center. All you need to do is lease server resources from a well-established hosting provider and use tools provided by that host to sell those resources to your clients. Also, since you do not have to worry about the operational aspects you can focus more on providing a good customer and technical support service to your clients.

But there are a few things that ought to be taken into consideration while starting your own reseller hosting company. These include:

Company setup:

Even if you are just going to lease out resources leased from another company, it is better that you register a separate legal entity for your business. This might help you keep your operations more professional and help you ascertain your tax liability in the right manner.

Purchase a reseller plan:

The act of purchasing a reseller plan needs to be accompanies by a selection process that eliminated non-reputed hosting providers and other sham companies which might scam you out of your money. Also, you need to be sure that the provider you are choosing is reliable and can support your business.

Set up the account:

After purchasing a reseller hosting account you need to set up that account to reflect the operations of your reselling business. This includes renaming name servers to your company name, setting up customer control panels, configuring the billing software, setting up a website where users can purchase hosting plans from you, allocation of resources to hosting accounts, etc.

Getting customers:

The next thing that needs to be done is promote your reselling business and get clients for your business. You also need to open new accounts for new clients and charge existing clients for the services that they are using.

Customer support:

This is one aspect where you would need to invest a lot. You need to provide efficient and intelligent customer as well as technical support to your clients. This is due to the fact that if your support is poor customer would find it better to host their websites with other hosts offering better customer support services.

These are the things which can help you make money with a reseller hosting plan. The one thing to remember is that the only thing that prevents you from being successful in making money using a reseller hosting plan is your commitment; so if you are completely committed and are working hard money is bound to flow in.


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