Top Google Apps for Business

google apps for business

Ever since Google introduced applications exclusively meant for businesses, along with its cloud based service, its popularity has been increasing by the day. There are a number of reasons why Google services are preferred by people running businesses, but that is a topic for another day. This article will introduce to some of the top Google Apps for businesses.


Do you need some help in preparing and sharing a presentation? Then look no further than SlideRocket, Google’s cloud based application exclusively for businesses. This app will allow you to create and edit presentations using Google’s equivalent of MS PowerPoint or MS PowerPoint itself. One of the biggest advantages with this app is that you are creating, editing and storing the app on the cloud.

This allows you the freedom of accessing the presentation from any computer and running on any operating system. All you need is a browser and a reliable internet connection. This app also has a feature where you can add your own audio to your presentation and also directly share it with one or many of your contacts from your contacts list. Best of all, you have an analytics tool that helps you in measuring the audience engagement.


Spreadsheets are an integral part of running a business and there is no business that is running without the aid of spreadsheets. That is exactly what Google is offering you with their Smartsheet app which will allow you to organize and schedule subtasks and tasks. You can create a sheet with all the relevant details and also monitor its progress when the people who you have assigned the tasks to update it.


If you are familiar with the logistics of running a business, then you will be aware of the fact about how important a photo editing app is. However, not everyone is comfortable with Photoshop and this is where Aviary becomes important. This simple yet effective app will allow you to do all the basic tasks that are associated with image editing.


There are times when you wonder if you had software to project your mind map onto the screen, just to get a different perspective. That is exactly what Mindmeister allows you to do and you have all the tools and symbolic representations to create a map of your brainstorming session and draw inferences from it.

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