So What is this Wavii?

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What is Wavii?

If, like hundreds of millions of other people around the world, you have a Facebook account, then you will be familiar with the concept of the news feed, where your friends’ activities that might interest you are shown to you.

Wavii works like a search engine in combination with a news feed. It crawls the web for content that is based on your interests, and then analyzes the information it finds and puts it into a news feed.

What makes Wavii different is that it takes the information it finds and actually tries to understand it. It learns everything it can about companies, products and people. More specifically, it learns about the different things that these entities do.

The Interface

Wavii looks much like Facebook and maybe even a little bit like Twitter. In most cases, the updates are exactly what you need, and it is a great way to stay up-to-date on the topics that you care about. You can also select the topics that you want Wavii to provide update on.

Focus on your Interests

With the Wavii app you can keep up with any news feed for any topic you want. This app will automatically create status updates for your favorite companies, gadgets, politicians, celebrities and more.

You are then able to see anything new that is happening, such as actors that have broken up, new app releases, or any political news. A teacher might get news about high-tech new classroom desks, while a video-game enthusiast would learn all about the latest releases. With Wavii, you can be constantly up-to-date on all the news.

The Downsides

Wavii works by summarizing the information it finds and removing any duplicate items. In some cases, it can become confused very easily. It also takes time for it to give you the results you want. Duplicates or similar items will also not always be removed automatically.

You can only log into Wavii with your Facebook user name and password. Many people are not happy about this, and do not like to automatically give Facebook the free advertising.

Once you log in Wavii will actually suggest that you follow certain topics, such as Facebook, politics, Apple and Justin Bieber. There will be many topics in the list for you to choose from, but many of them will be celebrities and main brand companies, such as Apple.

If you like celebrity gossip or want to hear the latest happenings at Apple or Microsoft, you will most likely enjoy using the Wavii app. It’s easy enough to download the app or sign up online and try it out for yourself on your computer or other device and see for yourself.

About the Author: Now that you know more about Wavii, you’ll be able to stay updated on everything that interests you, whether it’s the best deals on classroom desks or Brad and Angelina’s upcoming nuptials. Post written by guest blogger Mary.


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