Top 50 Online Apps for Small Business (Infographics)

top small business apps

50 best online project management and CRM apps for your small business

There are so many small business applications available on the market today – too many, in fact, in such a way that they confuse small business owners and IT decision makers. Well, if you are looking for some recommendations, you are reading the right article. From this article, you can find 50 best business applications from 2 categories: Online project management and online (and also social) CRM software.

The lists come from two infographics released by, one of the leading business software marketplaces. Each of the infographics present you with the contenders in each category, along with some supporting stats – age/size of companies, popularity and social media presence, other important decision factors and mobile device support.

I personally recommend you to check out each of the two and use the lists to get started in your journey in finding out the right project management and CRM apps for your business. Here are the infographics – enjoy!

Top 25 online project management apps

best online project management apps


Top 25 online and social CRM apps

best online crm apps



Wrike Project Management App

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