The Rise of BranchOut Facebook App

branchout facebook job app

BranchOut claims to be the number one professional network on Facebook. The claim seems to be backed with concrete facts. Check this out: There are 25 million BranchOut users on Facebook and it lists 3 million jobs so far today. Not bad for an app launched 2 years ago in 2010.

What’s extraordinary with BranchOut is the fact that early this year – in January 2012 – it has 1 million users. That means in 4 months time, BranchOut has grown exponentially to 25 million users.

What is BranchOut, anyway?

Well, just in case you are not so updated and don’t use Facebook on regular basis, BranchOut is a darn popular Facebook app for employment and job search. For a company, BranchOut offers tools for recruiting hidden talents – as well as growing sales.

To learn more about BranchOut, here’s an infographic that can show you the extraordinary growth of BranchOut:

branchout infographic

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