5 Free Communication Apps You Can’t Live Without

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Recommended free communication apps for your business

In the digital age, there’s nothing more important than communication. Why? Because everyone who knows what kind of technology you have knows that you have no excuse not to be in communication with them on a nearly 24/7 basis. That means you’re going to have to become a master of the communication App if you want to handle your communication properly without becoming a full-on addict of the mobile phone.

How do you manage to keep a balance between staying tuned in and turning off the phone every once in a while? Simple: you use the best Apps that money can buy.

What’s that? You don’t have any money to spare? All right then, let’s add one more caveat: here are 5 communication Apps that you can’t live without – and won’t cost you a single dime.

1. Skype

It all starts with Skype, that hub of phone calling, messaging, video chatting, web conferencing – Skype does it all. The beauty of Skype is not only that it’s simple and everyone is using it, but that it doesn’t cost you anything to set up. In other words, you can simply download the free Skype App right now and get to calling other people with Skype. It’s that easy.

2. Google Chat

Similar to Skype but not Skype, Google Chat is a free App that also allows you to stay tuned in. It makes a great alternative to Skype and easily links in with the rest of the Google accounts you already use.

3. Go SMS Pro

An App designed for the Android, this free communication trick allows you to send text messages for free if you’ve gone over your monthly allotment already. Just make sure to use it wisely – otherwise you may find that it’s the only App you use!

4. Viber

Free calls and messaging is hard to argue with, and that’s exactly what you get out of Viber if you choose to use the VoIP App that is designed for people who like saving money on their communications. With a tagline like “Be Free to Communicate,” you know exactly what you’re getting – the ability to stay in touch without breaking the bank.

5. Kik Messenger

A messenger program that allows for easy sending and reading, this free App is another great way to stay in touch if you prefer a more text-based experience. It’s known as one of the faster Apps around so it’s especially well-suited for people who like to stay in touch and don’t ever like feeling left out of the loop.

Making sure that your App is free is the result of research – like the research you’ve done here – as well as making sure that the Apps you download are compatible with the technology you’re using. Make sure you do a little of your own research into free communication Apps to find what’s best for you – then, start messaging and keeping in touch with everyone and don’t look back!

About the Author: Carrie Thompson is a marketing strategist and daily user of business VoIP providers.  When communications for business are vitally important, both inter and intra-business, VoIP has been a lifesaver.  It is both cost effective and injects energy into your lagging communications.


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