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Bookkeeping is widely thought of to be one of the most off putting factor of taking the leap into starting your own business. All those figures to work out and numbers to crunch, plus the rather alarming presence of the taxman looming over you, just waiting to be annoyed when you get your tax returns wrong at the end of the year. Now there is nothing to stop you, it’s free! Attempting to manage your own businesses finances can be a daunting process at first. Even the smallest of fledgling businesses demands a complex and often confusing plethora of accounting tasks that take up valuable time and money which could otherwise be spent on the growth and development of your business.

These vital tasks require a professional accountant, yet in the current economic climate, many small businesses are struggling to foot the steep bills charged by traditional accountants. This often puts a spanner in the works for small businesses before they have a chance to get off the ground, not many start-up companies are financially secure enough to appoint a full time accountant. This is where Crunch’s free online accountancy software comes to the rescue. We know from firsthand experience how it feels to be a small start-up business. Nurturing the seed of a fledgling company with no external help or capital is difficult enough without having to worry about your tax returns and invoices. That’s why our new free online software is designed to grow with your company, providing the right level of support every step of the way.

Whoever told you nothing comes for free is lying, this really is completely free. No tricks or catches. The free version of Solo includes unlimited invoices, expenses, bank reconciliation, real time tax liabilities and all the tools you need to complete your entire accounting year (minus the actual accountant). This cuts out unnecessary accountancy bills and allows you to hold the reigns of your company finances, giving you the tools to effortlessly process your financial information on our free online software. No contract and no strings attached. Once you are up and standing on your own two feet you can upgrade to the second Solo package which gives you all of the above plus fabulous extras such as bank feeds, full reporting and Snap- our new mobile phone receipt scanning app. And when you hit the ground running we can provide you with the complete, cost effective, accountancy package you need to take your business to the next level.  We even handle your payroll and do your tax returns for you, ensuring you have the time to focus on what you do best.

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