Asigra: What You Need To Know

Asigra is a word on everyone’s lips these days but what exactly is it? Well, essentially, Asigra is world class software developed for online backup that is supported by many companies offering cloud storage services. It guarantees users safe backup for PCs and Notebooks, and is user friendly for CPUs with minimal consumption of bandwidth. Asigra joins the development of online backup solutions that are fast becoming indispensable for people from all walks of life, whether for professional business or home use. Asigra technology is the ideal and most secure cloud backup product for protecting private information from unauthorized hands.

Accidents Happen

Losing data is unfortunate and regrettable but it can happen anytime. Spilled coffee, hard disk malfunction, power outages, and a thousand other accidents can, and often do, happen. Old fashioned ways of storing information such as disks or pen drives were crude, time consuming, expensive and unreliable. It is easy to backup photos, documents and vital files using affordable and reliable cloud backups like Asigra.

The Asigra Product

The Asigra product uses a higher compression capacity that is far better than what you would normally experience from traditional backup technologies. Asigra for mobile utilizes a greater compression and De-duplication system, which means that data stored here uses the minimal volume of space on servers, giving users the flexibility to backup any form of information. Duplicated files they are only saved once without having to waste a lot of storage space. This doubles the numbers of GBs that are available with the sort of products people can buy in the shops.

Safe, Accessible and Cost Effective

Nowadays, households that wish to take advantage of cloud back up can go for Asigra which will serve them for just a few cents per GB capacity in storing all sorts of information. This establishes a digital haven for home users to store crucial information for an indefinite period of time. Asigra is stable and safe with FIPS 140-2 authorization for ensuring that it is a steady cloud backup for keeping all crucial information. Anyone who registers as an Asigra user is immediately relieved of any worries about losing their precious information. If a disaster occurs, the user is advised to reinstall the software to any PC and download backed up files in just a click of mouse. It couldn’t be simpler.
Asigra software is used by a number of firms offering cloud backup provision. When engaging a cloud backup service, the user does not have to install Asigra software to all the PC’s but rather can install in one machine and backup all the others. Cloud storage technology has the highest degree of conformity to data transmission standards and security.

Protect Your Digital Life

In brief, this is what Asigra can do for you: can provide a high compression of data with secure and safe data transmission; can backup photos, emails and documents; and provides simple way to access saved data. Online backup is the ideal way to save information for a cost minimizing users who want to avoid having to house and pay for large amounts of hardware. Learn to protect your digital life before time expires.

About the Author: Kate Parker has written a large number of articles for web publication about online backup and cloud storage. She has written this on behalf of Securstore.


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