Retailers: Why You should be on Pinterest (Infographic)

pinterest infographic

Digital pinboards are on the rise today – thanks to Pinterest. Indeed, it’s darn easy to share with everyone about what you think interesting. Rather than typing texts, pinning allows you to share images conveniently.

Pinterest is one of the most prominent social site today. Due to this – and the simplicity presented by pinning for images – Pinterest is the go-to social sharing site for marketers, especially when it comes to retail products. That’s right – if you want to share your retail products, just pin your product images and yours will be visible to the millions using Pinterest every month.

Not stopping there, since Pinterest is a gathering place for people, your product images could be pinned by many interested in them. This will start a domino effect, allowing your product images – and brand names – spread like wild fire online.

Still have your doubts? Check out this infographic to see why you MUST get your retail products on Pinterest:

pinterest infographic

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