Mobile App vs. Mobile Website (Infographic)

mobile apps infographic

Today, mobile technology is ready to take over the digital world: There are more people accessing information from their smartphones and tablets than ever, and the trend says that the growth is exponential.

With that being said, as a business decision maker, you should decide whether you should bring your business mobile or not. If you asked me, my answer would be: Absolutely, yes! You MUST go mobile. But first thing first… you need to decide: Should you build a mobile website or mobile app?

Mobile website is a website optimized for smartphones and tablets. They support lower screen resolution compared to that of laptops and desktops. You can also use responsive website design – an uprising trend in web design that makes a website flexible for displaying on various devices without looking weird and broken. It’s like designing your typical website, only this time you optimize yours for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile app is – well – an app you can download from app marketplaces to your smartphones and tablets. You can build almost anything into an app, making it more flexible that a mobile website. However, it’s too restrictive, especially if your apps run on iOS devices like Apple iPhone and iPad.

If you are right in front of an intersection, this very useful infographic from Mashable can guide you in deciding what’s best for your business:

mobile app infographic

Source: Mashable


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