Mobile Workforce Trends: Employees want to Use Their Own Devices at Work (Infographic)

mobile workforce management infographic

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a hot trend among office workers today

Did you know that according to a survey, 66 percent of employees want companies to let them use any devices they choose? Welcome to the trendy mobile workforce!

As mobile devices are even more accessible today, people seem to be connected to the cloud 24/7; and believe it or not, not only for personal uses, people are also attached to their mobile devices for business purposes.

Check out these survey results: 70 percent of employees regularly check their emails from their smartphones outside of normal business hours. Furthermore 42 percent of employees even log on to their business email accounts while at home or on sick leave.

Those stats are great news for businesses – consider this: Business owners – how about letting your employees to bring their own devices? Doing so with enhance their productivity and be happier working for your company. How’s that for a win-win solution?

Unfortunately, with every good thing technology presents us, there will be bad thing attached to it. Employees’ own devices also bring threats to businesses, mainly security issues. And indeed, security is a major issue, as data breaches are partially caused by employees. It is imperative that businesses need to do proper mobile workforce management if they decide to go mobile with their workforce.

Nevertheless, going mobile is probably the most sensible thing a business can do – check out this infographic by ClickSoftware to gain new insights on mobile workforce management:

mobile workforce trends infographic

Source: ClickSoftware Enterprise Workforce Mobility


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