Mobile in the Enterprise (Infographic)

business mobile apps infographic

Mobile is a hot trend today. This is also true in the business world. Mobile technology has changed the way people do business and literally hack their life. What’s the current trend in mobile technology for business?

In businesses, people are typically using mobile technology – including mobile devices – for email, mobile phones, texting, social networking and instant messaging. In the near future, you can expect the usage of mobile apps and devices for such purposes to grow strongly; according to GigaOm, 38 percent of businesses are using mobile phones more than last year – and 43 percent want plan to incorporate mobile more in the future.

Business-related mobile apps’ role is prominent – and will continue to be prominent in the future – as they allow increased productivity, reduced paperwork, increased revenue, time saving and cost saving. In small business, the trends are even more prominent: 72 percent of small businesses are using mobile apps in their business operations.

Check out this infographic for the big picture (no pun intended!)

mobile apps infographic

Via Zendesk

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