5 Great Gadgets for Small Businesses

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Some cool business gadgets

A business can greatly benefit from technology, and thankfully, there are plenty of devices and gadgets out there nowadays that can help make any task or work faster, better and more effective. Whether you run a small business, work as an independent contractor/freelancer or are working at an active startup that is growing exponentially, there’s always something that can help you with your work. With that in mind, here are just a few devices/gadgets that can come in handy for any business user, and can make your life and work easier:

Samsung 15 inch Series 9 Ultrabook

The Ultrabook is the way of the future, it seems – these sleek, light machines look great and have almost the same performance as the previous generation laptops, which makes them even more impressive. Samsung’s 15 inch Series 9 Ultrabook is the best choice for a business user – it’s thin and light, has powerful internal hardware and a very nice 15 inch display – everything you need to be productive no matter what you work on.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard is probably the most important part of any computer, and in order to have the best experience, you have to get the best keyboard. Apple’s Wireless keyboard is pretty much perfect – it’s wireless, it has a sleek and compact design and it’s easy to use. You can use it with a desktop, laptop or a tablet – perfect if you want to have the most streamlined experience.

Aaxa M2 micro projector

If you need to show presentations or anything else to a larger group of people while traveling, a pico projector is the best choice, but most models don’t provide enough light to create a very clear image. That’s where the new class of micro projectors comes in – these devices are bigger in size than the almost-pocketable pico projectors, but they’re still small enough to be comfortably tucked away in a travel bag. The Aaxa M2 is one of the best micro projectors, with a 1024×768 resolution and a full 110 lumen light engine – enough to create a 60 inch image in a well-lit room or even a 100 inch image in low-light conditions.

Synology DS412+ NAS drive enclosure

If your business deals with a lot of data and you need to store all of it somewhere locally for easy access and security, a NAS drive enclosure might be your best bet, and the new Synology DS412+ is the perfect choice for any small business. The enclosure has 4 hard drive bays (the HDD’s are included) that allow you to store up to 16 TB of data. You can configure the drives in mirror mode for redundancy or stripping for speed, and you can connect to them using Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 or eSata.

Square and PayPal Here card readers

Square and PayPal Here are two awesome services for accepting credit card payments from anyone in the online world, and their credit card readers bring that capability into the real world, letting you process credit cards locally without needing a merchant bank account, a special card reader and other expensive devices. The swipe reader can be used with an iPhone or iPad, which makes it very simple to accept card payments in any spot.

There are plenty of other gadgets and accessories out there that can help improve your work and productivity, so if this article piqued your interest, be sure to start by checking out the devices mentioned above, and then working your way from there towards finding something that will be really useful for you.


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