Google: Behind the Numbers (Infographic)

google infographic

Infographic: Google overview in numbers

As a business entity, Google is generating some interesting numbers. The huge and churning search engine is continuously giving and receiving its share of digital gold. Google takes in billions in annual revenue and almost every penny comes from a single, surprising source.

The numbers don’t lie. Google is a huge marketing behemoth with incredible advertising clout, especially in the mobile sector; but it’s also a waster of natural resources. Google’s data centers are so enormous they gobble energy at a pace that would tax the average nuclear power plant.

Google is not an all-knowing, all seeing benevolent search engine that does no evil. The numbers show that Google recently had to pay a half-billion dollar fine because it allowed Canadian pharmacies to market drugs to US users. However, with all of the billions of people who use it every month, it’s hard to find fault in Google behind the numbers.

google infographic

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