12 Things to Consider when Selecting a Data Center (Infographic)

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How to choose the right data center - 12 factors to consider

Choosing the right data center for your business is crucial. You can’t simply buy from the first data center company you have found; doing so might be the biggest mistake you can make for your business, as you pose your business to threats, such as data loss, data breach, hidden costs, poor customer service, and many other headaches.

With those being said, no data centers are equal; there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one for your business, such as security, reliability, tech support, costs, scalability, and some other factors.

If you are now in the middle of considering a few data center options, this useful infographic can help you out; brought to you by Australia’s Macquarie Telecom, the infographic outlines 12 factors to consider when considering which data centers to partner with.

data center infographic

Infographic by Macquarie Telecom – via PowerRetail


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