Web App Development Specifications Save Time and Money

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Web app development specs can save you and your clients time and money

When searching for a web development company to complete a project, it is ill-advised to assume that all developers use the same approach.  While the practice of developing apps is similar across multiple companies, each one has its own unique process and style.  In some cases, the only aspect of web app development that remains the same across multiple companies is that each one has to start with a description provided by the client.  After that, the entire process can vary tremendously.

The Reality of Bad Web App Developers

Web app development companies not only vary in their approach, but also in their level of skill and experience.  Unfortunately, bad web app developers do exist, which makes it incredibly important to research a developer fully before making an arrangement.  The good news is that bad web developers tend to get bad reviews from previous clients, making the process of weeding them out a bit less stressful.

A developer could be considered bad for the following reasons, some more obvious than others:

  • Fails to grasp the scope of the project
  • Quits, disappears or asks for more money
  • Fails to build what you had in mind
  • Provides no documentation
  • Ignores or loses client changes or feedback
  • Only shows client the web app upon completion
  • Keeps missing details
  • Fixes one thing yet breaks another
  • Provides no information on how to use the web app

Surprisingly, these web app development errors are quite common.  In fact, many developers focus a good portion of their business simply correcting web app development projects that another company failed to deliver properly.  Fortunately, there is a great way to avoid these issues and that is to always insist that a web app developer do a specification before programming.

What is a Web App Development Specification?

A specification is a written or electronic document outlining exactly what will be built and how it will work.  Specifications provide a clear picture of your web app typically through flowcharts of processes, interface mockups and instructional documents.  Here are some important benefits of web app development specifications:

  • You can see what the developer plans to build
  • You can offer feedback before the developer spend hours programming
  • You can monitor progress against the specification
  • You have the documentation required to move to another developer
  • You know that the web app developer understands the scope of the project
  • You gain a real estimate

The greatest benefit of specifications is that many bad web app development companies show their true colors during this phase of the project.  The specification thus allows the client to escape before investing a significant amount of time and money.  

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions.  Light Speed Solutions is a software development company that specializes in a variety of services including web app development and web design.


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