How to Use Your iPad Better for Business Purposes: Free Resources

ipad guide for business users

Free iPad guides for business users

Although many buy an Apple iPad for entertainment purpose, it is now playing an important role in today’s business world – along with the mobile trends and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends, iPad is an increasingly common mobile device for small businesses.

This infographic shows you pretty much the trend in small business: 34 percent of small businesses are using iPad in 2012, a quadruple of the 2011 figure.

With that being said, it is important for you – small business owners and professionals – to understand more about your iPad. I’m not only talking about the basics, but also the “tricks” to make your iPad work harder for you and your business, helping you to be more productive.

If you are looking for resources that can help you get the most of your iPad, I would like to recommend these 5 free resources:

1. Apple iPad Quick Reference Card
Everyone in small business is very busy – so this quick reference card will come handy! You can get iPad shortcuts, tips and tricks that can help you operate your iPad better. Just print or share the quick reference for you to use, distribute and share among your staffs and colleagues.

2. iPad Tips and Tricks – A Guide for Executives and Managers by iPadCTO
If a quick reference doesn’t satisfy you, try this e-book. The e-book is filled with smart ways to use your iPad more efficiently and effectively. The tips and tricks are digested from iPadCTO’s Bill French’s own experiences, as well as from iPadCTO’s readers.

3. iPad Tips and Tricks – Free Video Training Tutorials
If reading an e-book is not for you, here’s something that will surely work: Video tutorials. The free video courses will show you how to be more productive with your iPad; tips for effective gesturing and typing, as well as getting the right content on your iPad. You can also get tutorials on how to connect your iPad to the web, sync documents between your iPad and desktop computer – or even with cloud-based services. You will also get troubleshooting tips when your iPad won’t work as expected.

4. iPad Productivity
Tired of searching through the sea of apps? This free resource can help you discover the right apps and processes that can lead you to increased productivity – beyond web surfing and playing games.

5. iPad: A Magical and Revolutionary Guide
I’m not sure about this free resource’s title, but hey – what’s important is the valuable content inside. Check this out: This free guide can help you get the most of your shiny new iPad. You will learn how to better organize and tidy your iPad. You can also access some recommended iPad apps that can enhance, change, even alter the way your iPad works for your personal and business needs. This free resource is definitely a keeper!

Bonus free resource:

Download hundreds of free e-books and white papers straight to your iPad (and iPhone, too!)

The handy app for iPad and iPhone by offer you a simple way of tapping onto the pulse of your industry – getting free magazines and publications from various industries to cater your need.

So, there you to – enjoy the free resources and do let me know what you think of them!


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