When In Need, A Performance Check Indeed: Independent Testing For Your Mobile Apps, Databases, and Websites

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Tips on checking the performance of your mobile apps, databases and websites

The story goes like this: You are the head of technology in your company. You and your staff—a team of experienced programmers and trained tech navigators—have worked hard to pt together and functional and streamlined database for the company’s relaunch.

Your boss is anticipating great strides from you and you have done everything in your power to live up to their expectations. This also means that you have recreated the company website so that it parallels various functions and behaviors of the internal database. The launch party is Monday morning and it’s Thursday. You and your team are going live with the website and database ahead of time.

Then things start to go wrong.

When Things Go Wrong

You get a call from a different department saying that the cloud computing routine is giving error feedback. There are all sorts of glitches in everything from the pull-down menus to the web store checkout screens, and all sorts of pages buried within the complex database are giving 404 errors or linking to the wrong folders on the internal hard drives—what have you.

Now there is not enough time to retrace your steps and figure out how things got botched so badly. It’s not that your team is in actuality an incompetent band of loony toons; they truly are top-notch and cream of the crop at what they do. It’s simply the fact of human error combined with a massively complex and deep website and database that has yielded many conflicting lines of code and the like which has in turn led to more problems than anyone could have foreseen.

So what do you do?

Find Professionals Who Can Do It Better

Next time, it might be wise to look into an independent testing company, such as SOASTA, who with fresh eyes and experience will run a SOASTA performance test to anticipate errors within your system before they happen, or to catch errors early so they don’t accumulate and cause disorienting webs of mistakes that will be harder to sort out when the time comes. This goes for app testing as well, as it is inevitable that your company will make use of this trendy way of connecting with clients and consumers.

Using app testing with TouchTest™ Technology, you’ll be receiving assurance that all your apps and their associated links and functions are operating free of hang-ups and errors. This will certainly be a time-saver in a busy work environment.

The efficiency of the workplace often depends entirely on its technology working at full speed, and it could all come down to the computer programming: the proper string of commands functioning in unison in any given area of your database, website, or mobile app.

About the Author: SOASTA is one of the well-known providers of CloudTest performance testing using a load testing software. Mobile app testing software with TouchTest™ Technology, which enables you to run a real-time data collection and analysis so that you can locate improvement areas and fix them.

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