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I am running a web business and work with a laptop a lot. Along with my purchase of iPad, I am now able to work in location independent manner, improving the mobility of my business, more than my laptop can give me.

There are so many iPad apps on iTunes to choose from – I often look for the right one reading reviews online. However, I think that the best way to discover the right iPad apps for your online business is by actually install and try them to see whether they can help you out.

If you are looking for recommended iPad apps to make you run your web business smoothly and be more productive along the way, here are my top 10 picks of iPad apps I typically use to get things done right from my iPad.

1. WordPress

Most of my web businesses are blogs and set up using WordPress CMS. It’s important for me to be able to access my sites’ Dashboard easily – WordPress for iOS can offer you just that – plain and simple. You can store multiple login details and do almost everything WordPress can do.

2. Adobe Reader

Adobe Readers for iPad allows you to read PDF documents using this household name, this time straight from your iPad. Nice and simple.

3. Dropbox

Store and share everything – in the cloud. You can also sync your device with Dropbox for iPad, so it’s also an ideal solution for backing up your files. Connectivity with third-party apps is what making Dropbox one of the best in cloud storage market.

4. MagicSketch

When sketching is required, I look no further than MagicSketch – just tap and start sketching – very useful for generating idea for the front-end design of my next projects, as well as sketching for ideas for future website layouts – or simply take simple notes using your fingers or pointing devices that can be faster than typing.

5. Evernote

Other than Dropbox, I also use Evernote. With Evernote, you can capture anything – ideas, images, audio, etc. and organize it so it can easily find. You can access your account from almost any computers, browsers and mobile devices.

6. G-Whizz!

G-Whizz! for iPhone / iPad can offer you a centralized “command center” for various Google Apps – and more: Gmail, Google Talk, Google+, Google RSS Reader, Google Voice, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. It’s a powerful app I strongly recommend you for social media needs of your online business.

7. Simple Resize (Tekunodo)

As the name implies, Simple Resize app does what’s necessary: Resizing your image. This is the answer to my need working with WordPress-powered sites; so I just look for images to accompany my blog posts, resize them to best fit my blogs’ layout and upload them via WordPress for iPad.

8. PS Express

Although considered as a bad free app by many due to the high expectation (it’s an Adobe!) I find PS Express to be useful to do basic manipulation of images I can use for my websites. PS Express can’t resize your images, though… (just use SimpleResize – problem solved!)

9. MoneyFree

MoneyFree is a great iPad app for your personal finance need. It’s not necessarily an app to track your business projects, but it’s a great app to track your expenses especially if you are doing remote or cloud working (most of us online business owners with mobile devices do!) This app can help you track your business expenses – working in a coffee shop, entertaining clients/business partners, traveling while working, etc.

10. Find My iPad

Find My iPad is an official iPad app from Apple. It is very useful in locating our missing (or stolen) iPad. You can locate yours via a map, and just in case your iPad is stolen, you can actually wipe out your personal information remotely. A must have for those who want to protect your personal and business information.

There you go… my top 10 iPad apps to make me more productive and run my web business better. So, what are iPad apps you often use for your business purposes? Please share yours by leaving a comment on this post.


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