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Choosing Wisely

While IT support is something which can be taken care of in house, it is often the case that many businesses will find it altogether more productive and cost effective to outsource their IT support operations to expert companies. While there are many reasons for this, working with a professional IT agency can vastly help a business on the information security aspect of their business. While IT is only a small part of information security, having experts independent of your business taking care of it will ensure it is an extra weight off any business owners mind.

Before choosing IT support, ensure you have downloaded an ISO 27001 pdf looking at the requirements that this standard requires in terms of information security throughout the business. Although any IT company will likely hold the ISO 27001 certification, it will definitely be worth sharing the contents of the ISO 27001 pdf in order to be clear on the individual requirements of your business and that you wish for your IT support to be compliant with those standards.

What Is On Offer?

IT analyst businesses will differ in respect of the services they offer, however the key for you is obviously to find one that meets your needs. If you are a retail business in a large shopping centre trading from 8am until 10pm six days per week and open on a Sunday, an IT operation with nine-to-five cover on weekdays and a skeleton staff through the busy weekend probably won’t work for you. At the same time, if your business is primarily a Monday to Friday operation, paying a premium for IT support including weekends would be out of the question as it would be a complete waste of money.

Does It Complement Your Business?

In terms of support relating to ISO 27001, it is definitely worth investigating how the IT support company will meet your overall business objectives. If you are lucky enough to find an IT support firm which has objectives and values which sit very closely with your own, then you should snap it up quickly. Consider that, while not a direct arm of your business, your IT support company will be a vital component in achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 standards for your business. Ensure that you are satisfied that any IT company can help you achieve your aims and that they meet all of your own requirements in line with the framework provided on the ISO 27001 pdf.

About the Author: Iso27001standard offer a wide range of resources for helping to implement information security policies, providing an Iso 27001 pdf to help understand what steps need to be taken.


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