Bing Major Update: Bing Teams-up with Facebook and Twitter to Offer Better Social Search Results

the new bing

Bing now incorporates better social results

Microsoft’s Bing has just been updated – now incorporating better social results from Facebook and Twitter. Since it was launched 3 years ago, Microsoft has never really done any fundamental updates to keep up with the trends in search, as reported by TG Daily. But it seems that Google’s plan to add social results from Google+ on its search result pages (named Search plus your world) has pushed Microsoft to offer something similar, according to The Verge.

Well, since Microsoft doesn’t really have its own social media, it rides on the popularity of Facebook and Twitter to bring social results to Bing. When you search for something via Bing, you will be presented relevant content from Facebook and Twitter on the right hand side of the search result pages. You can also interact with friends and colleagues straight from your search result pages – and more…

Check out this video from The Verge that will give you a hands-on overview on the new Bing:

The new Bing is the answer to complaints saying that Bing search result pages are too cluttered and confusing with web search and social search results combined in one place.

Unfortunately, the new Big will initially appear to US users. International users – along with mobile device support – will be able to access the new version in coming weeks – so, stay tuned!

From what I watch and read, I must say that Bing’s major update is a successful one – the result pages are pretty attractive and lots of useful information is well-presented.

To learn more about the new Bing, please read this Bing Community blog post.


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