6 Business Events to Visit in 2012

business evens for 2012

6 business events you should attend this year

All businesses, ranging from the sole proprietorship to the multinational, exist in a constant flux of evolution and change that requires them to stay on the absolute cutting edge of technology, finances and customer relations in order to stay alive, and to thrive.

If your business needs a boost, whether you run it from your home workstation or a corner office in the sky, attending business events will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are six business events in 2012 which will help you to stay ahead of the curve:

1. Semantic Tech and Business Conference

Semantic Tech and Business Conference

Focusing on the influence of technology on business, the Semantic Tech and Business Conference aims to bring together business professionals from all corners of the industry to discuss and explore both the challenges and the opportunities that technology makes available to us. Workshops and seminars will offer insight on new markets and old ones, helping attendees to explore new paths as they modify their business model to ensure continued growth.

Location: San Francisco guide (official)

2. 5th Annual Global Business and Social Research Conference

5th Annual Global Business and Social Research Conference

Helping you to take a deeper look into the inner financial workings of your business is the 5th Annual Global Business and Social Research Conference, an in-depth gathering of business players and financial experts mingling with general attendees in an effort to increase awareness of the scientific study of business and industrial growth.

Whether you attend in order to submit a paper of your own or simply want to take in information from the wealth of experts expected to be in attendance, this conference is a unique one that is well worth a visit if you are serious about expanding your business.

Location: Beijing, China

3. 2012 Global Conference on Business and Finance

2012 Global Conference on Business and Finance

Another conference focusing on the deeper economic aspects of making decisions for a modern business, the 2012 Global Conference on Business and Finance aims to be your gateway to expertise on business finance, accounting, management and human resources. Given its exotic pull, being hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica, you won’t likely need much of a reason to attend!

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica (Wiki)

4. Verge 2012

Verge 2012

Verge DC is an event helping to promote success in business through operation streamlining, offsetting this pursuit with the noble goal of embracing sustainable technologies in order to reduce environmental impact. Business professionals attending Verge can expect to join corporate leaders and policy makers as a diverse but exclusive group, attending seminars and workshops in order to build new skills while hearing the thoughts and ideas of some of the brightest business minds in the world.

Location: Washington, DC

5. IABC World Conference

IABC World Conference

Set to be held in Chicago on the weekend on June 24, 2012, the IABC World Conference gives attendees the opportunity to improve their strategic communications skills, making them better able to communicate with and adapt to the quickly changing business and industrial landscape.

Expected to draw a whopping 14,000 professionals representing all aspects of business communication, attendees can will take part in seminars focusing on the latest state of the art research, offsetting this in-depth learning with endless networking opportunities, allowing you to leave inspired, freshly connected and ready to tackle the future of your business’ communication efforts!

Location: Chicago and Chicago attractions

6. Opportunity Green Business Conference

Opportunity Green Business Conference

For the sixth year in a row, business professionals of all types and sizes are invited to attend the Opportunity Green Business Conference, a summit that seeks to help businesses small and large innovate in order to discover and implement best practices with regards to the environment. Ingenious ideas meet business with a conscience at this event, helping all in attendance to improve their business model in the name of both profitably and sustainability.

Location: Los Angeles

Are you going to any of them?

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