Privilege: A Cyber Attacker’s Sweet Spot (Infographic)

cyber attack infographic

How to slow down cyber attacks?

One of cyber attackers’ “sweet spot” is privilege. Mis-managing privileged access can cause future problems – devastating ones. Gaining access to your business’ IT system, cyber attackers can just steal your sensitive information – just like what Citibank experienced back in May 2011, when hackers were successfully infiltrate the bank’s systems via a security hole found in the company’s website. What’s worse, cyber attack threat is increasing exponentially over the years.

What is privileged access, anyway? You can learn about privileged access from this’s Privileged Access Agreement.

To help you get the big picture, Cyber-Ark Software, one of the leading solutions for protecting and managing companies’ privileges, releases an infographic showing you the timeline of recent cyber attacks since 2010, as well as giving you a conclusion on how to stop (read: slow down) cyber attacks: Don’t give cyber attackers the privilege.

Here is the infographic (click for a larger, clearer version):

cyber attack infographic

For the eBook on the topic of privilege and cyber attacks, please go to this page.


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