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business travel apps

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With 3 million iPads being sold in 72 hours, it is undeniable that more and more people are discovering the benefits of this stunning piece of technology. Many iPad users are also business people, who have an increased need for an efficient, lightweight, and multi-functional device. However, the iPad would not be the iPad without its applications. Read on to find out which are the top business travel applications.

File Storage

Dropbox is one of the most popular file storage applications, and deservedly so. Whether you work primarily with documents, pictures or sound files, they can all be uploaded to your personal Dropbox account, so that they are accessible from any computer in the world. Thanks to Dropbox’s unlimited online space, files can also be stored in your iPad, so that you can open and edit them while you are on the go.

Train Booking

If your business trips take place mainly in the UK, the Trainline iPad application is a useful thing to have. The mobile version of the famous desktop site allows you to check train routes, times, and prices. You can create itineraries and buy the tickets of your choice online. The new Trainline version also offers Mastercard payment options.

Taxi Locating

With Get Taxi you will never find yourself wishing you had written down a couple of numbers for taxi companies. Get Taxi offers a new way of flagging down a cab, since you can book it online, track the driver as he is on his way to you, and even pay for your fare online. Additional and useful features include a rating service that you can use to check the reputation of a particular driver, and a number plate database to help you identify the vehicle. Presently, Get Taxi works in the UK and a few other European countries.

Flight Check In

As a frequent business traveller, you probably agree that time is at a premium. With Flight Check In, you can configure the welcome screen so that it lists the airlines with which you travel most frequently, you then only need to tap on the airline icon to check in online – totally hassle free. You will only need to type your personal details once, and the application will bring them up automatically every time you need to check in.

Article/Newspaper Reading

Although it is true that most business hotels offer a selection of international newspapers, you do not need to wait until you get to the hotel to read your favourite periodical. You can always check if the newspaper of your choice offers an iPad version, but for an enhanced newspaper reading experience, we suggest that you download the News Republic application. With News Republic, you can select your favourite topics so that only the most relevant news will be sent out to you. The application includes an encyclopedia feature that can be used to bring up additional articles on topics of your interest.

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With a little insight into the wonders of what iPad applications can offer you, your business trips are bound to feel more of a pleasure, less of a chore.

About the Author: This article was written on behalf of De Vere Venues, providers of meeting venues in London.


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