What’s Involved In SAP Implementation?


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SAP consulting services started out in Germany when Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing began operations in 1972. SAP was the largest vendor in the world catering to standard application software, the market leader when it comes to enterprise applications software, and the fourth in the world as general software vender. The most current version of SAP’s R/3 makes use of client server technology and has more than 30,000 relational data tables that make it possible for a company to link up its business processes within a real-time environment. SAP consulting services takes into consideration various factors to come up with installations that can be configured to suit the requirements of a customer.

As a company developing business software, SAP was publicly traded and as of 2007 had more than 38,400 employers in more than 50 countries and over 36,200 customers all over the globe. SAP consulting services in particular were being geared towards small- and medium-sized businesses. In fact, the recent R/3 version was suitable for the AS/400 platform that IBM has.

SAP Implementation Consulting

SAP consulting services discuss implementation with a customer to ensure that businesses have a clear idea of what is needed to be done in order to achieve business goals. SAP implementation refers to the entire set of processes that define all the methods needed for executing the SAP ERP enterprise resource planning software to be used for the company. SAP implementation is based on case studies and best practices taken from various sources of literature and ends up as a collection of products and processes that give structure to the flow to be followed by any company in planning and executing their SAP software.

SAP consulting services discuss that SAP implementation is almost always a large operation that promotes a lot of changes within a company. The entire process actually can take up several years to accomplish, involving each person in the company either as part of the technical support organization for SAP or as end-users for the SAP software. The changes that result from SAP implementation are intended to reach high goal levels, like improved ROI and increased communication. Therefore, it is very important that SAP implementation is thoroughly discussed, planned, and executed with the help of a solid method. There are all sorts of SAP methods for implementation, with the methods used specifically selected for what will work best with a company’s needs.

Is SAP consulting services for you? To determine what the service can do for you, you can check out what SAP has done for other companies. For instance, you can brush up on IEEE scholar journals. IEEE scholar journals report that there was industrial case wherein senior management members were able to successfully deal with troubled implementation in a consumer goods company in 2001 and 2002 with the help of SAP. You can also do your own research online. The internet provides easy access to all sorts of resources so you should not run into too much trouble finding what you need.

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