BYOD cuts your business telecom costs – and more (infographic)

byod infographic

Infographic: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an uprising trend in mobile telecommunication that we can’t just overlook. There are research on BYOD showing us one common tendency: Allowing employees to bring their own devices and connect them to the business network is enhancing job satisfaction, increasing productivity, and more – even employees are willing to accept lower paying jobs, as long as they can use their mobile devices for work.

For businesses, BYOD allows them to reduce telecommunication costs, particularly mobile-related costs – indeed, “powering” company-owned device is more costly than the cost related to BYOD adoption.

This infographic by Xigo, a cloud-based telecom expense management, is one of the resources showing us that, again, BYOD offers plenty of benefits for businesses, cost-wise. Check it out:

bring your own device infographic

Via Xigo

So, how about you? Are you bringing your own device for work? Are you allowing your employees to bring whatever mobile devices they have? If so, what do you think: Is BYOD really benefit you and your company?


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