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Home office IT setup

Many companies these days are enabling their employees to set up small or home offices, this reduces the costs for the main company by reducing their need for large office space, computers, networks and desks.

But as a small or home office there are certain things you cannot be without. Firstly you will need to stay in constant contact with the head office, VoIP is usually the most affordable option and if you are both using the same program, calls and conference calls are completely free of charge. This is a huge money saving opportunity, so what do you need to make this a reality.

Internet Providers with Combined Packages

You can start by choosing an internet provider that offers fast broadband to your area; some areas can get up to 120mb speed connections, especially if you are closer to the city areas.  If you are located in a rural area, you may have a lower speed connection, but this will still enable you to make VoIP calls and remain in constant contact with the office.

When choosing your broadband, find the one that offers you a combined telephone service, this is handy for both work and home. Often you can get free UK calls or even free weekend and evening calls, helping you reduce your overheads even further.

Your Office Setup

You will need space to set up an office, preferably a spare and unused bedroom. While you can place your office area in the living room, dining room or even the bedroom, to be productive having a set work area that is away from the daily noise within the home will help you be more productive.

Often working at the dining table doesn’t work out as well as originally planned, especially if you have animals, children that play loud music after school or even a boisterous family who keep interrupting you. You need that space to close the door and concentrate on the work at hand.

A computer is an essential part of the home or small office kit. While some people choose a desktop PC to manage their work, laptops these days come with the same specifications as the desktop offering you the convenience to work anywhere at any time. You will need to be able to access the internet from whichever type of computer you choose with good internet security to keep your files and data safe at all times.

Choosing a wireless broadband router can offer you versatility in your daily work schedule. During the morning while the children are at school you can work from the office, but when they are home and you want to keep an eye on them you can continue working in the living room or even outside if the children are playing in the garden, this is handy especially if you have younger children.

Protecting Your Computer

Your computer needs protection, so when choosing what software to buy including word processing packages, email packages and accounting packages, you will want to research the antivirus packages available.

The package you choose should offer you full protection, it should include antivirus, internet security, firewalls and anti-spam software. It should be a complete security package where you can include parental controls if your children use your computer, protect you from identity theft and offer regular updates to keep you safe at all times.

The advantage of these packages is that the security company is constantly updating the package depending on new viruses that have moves their way onto the internet, these regular updates ensures that your computer has the latest cure for any virus out there, reducing the risk of your computer being infected.

About the Author: Good antivirus is an important part of any business which uses the internet, offers a full security package for small and home businesses, ensuring your data is kept safe at all times.


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