Why Google Plus should be a part of your small business marketing strategy

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Social media is probably the one and only platform that treats small businesses at par with other big brands. Both of them will have access to the same platform, same features and both of them will have to work hard to the bone to keep their visitors engaged. Probably, this is the reason why small business owners are always enthusiastic about having an impressive presence in all sphere of social media.

So, when Google makes a foray into this domain, enthusiasm of small business owners were quite palpable. Apart from enjoying some SEO benefits, people join this new social media platform with the hope of hobnobbing with prospective clients. However, it all boils down on your ability to convince the prospective clients but still give people an option to connect to those people who might be otherwise inaccessible. Now, if you are still not sure whether to include Google + in your existing social media marketing mix or not, please follow the rest of the article before you make a final decision:

SEO benefits: Ok I know, I am going to contradict here. But I cannot deny the obvious truth that people are interested in having an impressive presence in Google because it has for sure some SEO benefits. As we are all aware, you simply cannot make the Authorship markup work unless you have a profile in Google Plus. So, for good or evil, Google Plus is something that you cannot ignore for sure. Moreover, Google is giving less and less importance on Links and there are clear indications that Google is trying to indicate social signals and as obvious, Google Plus will be playing a dominant role in the process.

Hangout: Nothing could be better than a face to face meeting with your targeted audience but sometimes, geographical distance plays spoil sport. But with Google Plus, now you are armed with a new option code named – Hangout. It will let you chat with friends in a personal, engaging and never-before way. You can chat, share documents and most importantly, talk face to face. A great idea to brainstorm business strategy and the best part of this revolutionary thing is that that it is extremely secured.

It is Viral: Now, before I proceed, I must say that I have nothing against facebook. I love facebook, as I do Google Plus. But experts are of the opinion that promoting a service takes less time on Google Plus rather than facebook. However, a probable reason could be that since not all members are well versed with the functionalities of Google Plus, they are following and Circling friends/brands at random. Well, it can be, but given the awesome success of Pepsi, Coca Cola and their likes in Google Plus, we can safely assume that it is not just fluke.

Segment Audience: The uniqueness of Google Plus lies in the fact that it lets you segment your audience in as many different ways as possible. No need to stick to some predefined terms, you can create your own terms to define the relationship and then share things exclusively to certain circles while making that post invisible to some others.

Now since Google is putting its weight on making Google Plus a huge, it will be a hard to fail kinda thing. So, I hope being a part of its growth is better than finding yourself nowhere when your competitors are way ahead in it. Take your time and make the most informed decision based on the available details.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he has written different articles on Cyprus Company Formation.


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