4 Good Insurance Apps for Small Business Owners

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Insurance is one of those things we don’t particularly like to talk about or think of, but is a necessary evil in life. And as a business owner, this is even more important. Just one accident or catastrophe and your ordinary day can very quickly turn into an extraordinary mess. Not too mention, a potentially massive business and personal loss.

Regardless of the type of insurance you have, where you get it from and how much you pay for it, there are new tools of the trade which will aid in managing and overseeing your respective policies. All with the click of a mouse and or the swipe of your hand.

Below we highlight four good insurance apps for small business owners.

1. BusinessInsurance.com Mobile Apps

The BusinessInsurance.com website is an information filled portal with lots of great and useful tips on the various types of business insurance available, which policy is best for you and your specific situation, rates, what coverage protects what and so on. They have a series of mobile apps (including iPhone, Windows 7, Blackberry and Android) which you can download to your smartphone or tablet and browse the site while on the go. This site is a good starting point in your business insurance needs research and the corresponding mobile apps are a must in your consumer information and news arsenal.

2. Allstate Mobile

Allstate is known for their home and auto insurance products, but they also have a comprehensive suite of business insurance policies as well. Did you know that Allstate has a “Good Hands Roadside Assistance” service available via mobile app which is available to anyone – not just Allstate business customers and is a pay-as-you-go service? If you have the iPhone, they have an app for you and if you’re an Android fan – they have you covered as well. You can find this and their other various apps on the Allstate.com mobile page or via your respective smartphone and download as you would any normal app. Save time, save paper and save on fees by skipping an agent and looking into a DIY solution via your cell.

3. My Eyes Only Pro

Here’s a cool app which stores private and confidential information which you might need in case of a mishap at the office. Should you need to access important business insurance information to file a claim, you could store it all here and then carry with you on your mobile. My Eyes Only Pro has security features built in and once you set these up, the information is only accessible by you. This is great for when something happens and you don’t have access to insurance paperwork such as in the case of an office fire. Find it online for FREE via iTunes.

4. Farmers Insurance Mobile Apps

The business insurance page at Farmers is more detailed and comprehensive than what you will find at either Allstate or Business Insurance.com, and includes specific information on the different business policies they carry. One of them being professional insurance, which includes computer equipment protection, outdoor signs and property coverage, business income coverage and more. The mobile apps also have this information and with them you’re also able to compare the various policies, get rates and or talk to a virtual rep.

The needs of small business owners varies from city to city and state to state, also and more importantly – by the type of business activity they partake in. If you happen to already have business, with the apps above you can also manage or update your current policy.

About the Author: Missy Diaz writes about insurance topics at http://www.fullcoverageautoinsurances.com and is always looking for blogs and sites to guest post on. If you have a business, finance or frugal living site – contact her today.


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