Broken Technology – Repair, Replace, or Recycle?

We have all experienced that sad sight of an iPad, smartphone or other expensive piece of technology that has been dropped, smashed, broken or just simply will not turn on anymore.

With some gadgets costing as much as an average monthly wage, it can be heart-breaking when they no longer function. Surprisingly, though, many people will automatically chuck the broken item in the trash and buy a replacement or simply do without rather than considering their other options.

Next time you have a broken piece of technology, consider minimizing your losses with repair or recycling.


When you buy motorized shades, a television, a computer, or any other piece of technology, it often comes with some form of guarantee. One tip is to keep track of your big-ticket purchases in a spreadsheet. Note date of purchase and how long it’s under warranty. When something does break, you won’t be wasting your time searching for this info.

If it breaks during normal use within the time-period the warranty covers, you are entitled to a free repair, replacement, or refund, depending on the coverage. ”Normal use” is the key phrase here. Despite what happens to many laptops, a spilled glass of wine is not normal use!

It can take time for the company to review and repair your item. If you can’t do without your gadget, then perhaps you should simply buy a new one. You could always sell the one you get fixed. If you were planning on going without though, you often have nothing to lose, except maybe shipping costs.

If you know or suspect the problem was due to your own fault, or you don’t want to take the time to go through the warranty process, you do have another option. You can consider the idea of private repair.

Many electronics repair shops operate on a no-fix, no-fee basis, or will diagnose the problem for free, letting you see if the cost is worth it before you commit.


Recycling is, of course, generally a good idea, as it is good for the environment and ecologically responsible. However, it can also contribute to the cost of a replacement item. Even a broken piece of technology can be used for parts or may be valuable to someone.

You may be able to trade in a broken item for a discount on a replacement or sell it outright to a repair store. Gather up the various broken or old gadgets around your home, and they could add up to a nice bit of bonus cash.

It is simply good sense to see if you can minimize the expense that comes with a broken piece of electronics. Replacement may end up being the only option, but you should always consider whether repair or recycling would be of benefit to you.

About the Author: Post by guest blogger Carly Fierro, a writer who enjoys blogging about everything from making the most of your gadgets to where to buy motorized shades.


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