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My Deco 3D Planner office design app

Many people spend just as much time at work as they do at their own house, making their office a true “home away from home.” When you spend your days there, though, it can be easy to forget how other people might judge the space. What does your office say about you and your company? It is trendy yet organized? Is it welcoming, or cold and stark? An ideal office projects a professional business image mixed with some of the creature comforts of home.

Whether you are founding a new business and have located your perfect new office space or your want to give your existing office an extreme makeover, it’s a good idea to plan things out before you start moving cubicles and painting. The following four office design apps might come in handy. As you will see, they are oh-so-fabulous—not to mention free!

3D Spacer

3D Spacer is user-friendly software for commercial design and the office edition of the program can help you figure out the most convenient configuration for your office, optimizing your interior space. The program gives users the ability to display room layouts and furniture in both 3D and 2D modes. It’s helpful yet fun at the same time. Would your desk look better in front of the window or up against the wall? The Demo Edition is available online for free. Give it a shot and see what your office is missing!


SmartDraw is perfect for creating house plans, landscapes, decks, office spaces and much more. It offers dozens of pre-set floor plan examples, allowing users to select a template similar to their area that can be customized to fit their needs. Automatic formatting helps users arrange and align things perfectly with ease. The free trial version of the software gives you the ability to try before you buy.

My Deco 3D Planner

Although it is geared toward designing homes, My Deco 3D Room Planner is also great for designing your dream office or rearranging your current one. Fairly simple to use, the program can also be a lot of fun. Insert walls, doors and windows or play with pre-loaded floor plans and choose from a variety of interior colors and finishes. You can even choose furniture, wallpaper and more to see what things will look like in your dream office then find out where the items are available for purchase.

Ikea Home Planner

If you enjoy visiting the home/furniture store Ikea, you may also be interested in their free online design planning tool. The software allows you to you to configure floor plans showing doors, windows and closets that are in your office or room and see how furniture and other room components can be arranged effectively. If you plan on shopping at Ikea, your design can be printed out and used as a shopping list.

Even if you already have spectacular ideas in place for your office, the above-mentioned office design apps offer a great way to design a new or improve an existing office. What are you waiting for? Make a great first impression when customers arrive!

About the Author: David Ching is a Marketing Director for EQA Office Furniture, a California-based retailer of office furniture including cubicles, receptionist desks, workstations, conference tables and desk chairs.


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